Educator Downloadable Feature

Educators: The Library now has an easy way for your students to download books onto their mobile devices for class use.

  • Customers with educator cards are issued card numbers to distribute to students.
  • The card numbers are tied to your Educator account, so you’ll have control over the PINs.
  • Please note: Your students will have access to all Library databases and downloadable services including those with streaming video content.

FAQs about the New Downloadable Feature for Educators

What does the new downloadable feature allow Educators to offer students?
This feature allows you to download one copy of required reading material onto each of your students’ mobile devices for classroom use. The regular Educator Card does not allow for more than one digital title to be downloaded at a time.
How does it work?
To enhance access to eBooks, you are issued special card numbers, which can be distributed to students. Each student can use his or her card number to download a digital copy of the required reading material.
How long is the loan period for downloaded materials?
Loan limits and renewal limits for digital materials vary by service. Check the policies for each digital service by visiting the service providers’ websites at
What if there are not enough electronic copies available for all my students?
Use our online Teacher Collection Request form to place a request, and our staff will notify you when your eBooks are available. Or ask Library staff for assistance!
Who has control over the PIN?
A PIN will be included for each of the card numbers issued to you. You have control over the PIN and can change it for any of the individual student card numbers at any time. We recommend you change the PIN every time you use it with a student.
Can my students download anything besides required reading material?
Yes. Your students will have access to all Library databases and downloadable services including those with streaming video content.
When do the cards expire?
The cards expire on September 15 of each year. You can request another set of downloadable card numbers after the expiration.
Do I have to have a regular Educator Card to use the downloadable feature?
How do I apply for an Educator Card?
You can apply online or at any of our 41 branch locations. If you have a disability and are unable to visit the Library, you may apply by mail. Applications in English and Spanish can also be downloaded from
How do I apply for the downloadable feature for educators?
You can apply in-person at any of our 41 branch locations.

For more information, contact your local branch or call 513-369-6900.